The Power of Social Media in the Insurance Industry

The Power of Social Media in the Insurance Industry

We all know that social media is an essential tool for the growth of a business – but how so? With a little over two billion monthly active users for Facebook alone, you can’t overlook its power. So whether you love it or hate it, it’s essential to jump on the social media bandwagon as it has come to be a part of day-to-day communication, not to mention it’s a great way to increase your company exposure.


What are Your Business Objectives?


There are a few specific goals insurance brokers hope to reach. Economical Insurance has shared a chart below that highlights the different uses insurance brokers have for social media. Unfortunately, many brokers lack the knowledge, time and resources when it comes to the use of social media. Thus, in order to stay on top of industry trends, the implementation of social media training for your entire staff is crucial in order to achieve your business objectives.



While print and radio ads are very effective, they can be pretty costly. This is why social media may be the answer your company is looking for to push a particular message and advertise their brand. Content is king and what is published on your social media should always match your company’s current business objectives. For example, if recruiting new employees is a priority at the moment, then more stories about your staff and events should be published.


The Various Social Media Platforms

There are several social media platforms that can be used to advertise your business on the web. Which platform you decide to use depends on your company’s brand and objective. Twitter is great to catch up on news quickly; Facebook is more relationship and family-oriented, Instagram is aesthetically pleasing and LinkedIn is professional. However, a great challenge brokers face is that they are unclear on the type of content they should post on their social media pages.

It is completely acceptable to repurpose information that has already been posted by another user on any social media outlet. This is also known as content curation. What this means is simply hitting the “share” button on the posts that those in your niche have already posted. This is just a way to display what is happening right now in your industry/company and shows that you’re also on top of the news.

It may be wise to post between the hours of 1-4pm as you’ll likely get the best click-through and share rates.

Here is an example of a retweet Keal made to share industry news with our followers.


Keep in mind that not everything you share has to be a long-winded article or a dry and highly technical piece of information. Social media platforms offer features that allow you to interact with your audience. For example, you can create a fun “Twitter poll” and ask your audience industry-related questions. Not only does this show you care about what they think, but you’ll be finding out what they really care to see from you in the future.

Another fun and effective way to use social media is to show off your company’s culture! Get a group picture of the entire staff (if possible to do so). This can truly highlight what your business stands for and gives your clients an inside look at your quirky side. A great time to post such a post can be during the holidays.



While pictures are great, it may be wise to also share informative videos about your company’s products and services on social media. Offering such visuals will get your information across in a more appealing way, as videos tend to have a “135% greater organic reach than photos”.

The important thing to remember is to never be too “salesy” on social media. Try to be active on it as much as you can and just have fun with it! When you’re constantly posting interesting content related to your industry, this will encourage your audience to click, share and comment, which is always the end goal.

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Laurent Nadeau

Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Client Solutions