Maximize your time with a solution that goes with you. Your producers are able to answer customer’s coverage and claim questions anywhere, anytime by accessing policy and submissions directly from their Mobile device in real-time. They can access policy info or even start new submission both online and offline, delivering a real-time experience for their customers.

Call it a commercial office on a tablet!

Reduce E&O Exposure

Reduced by eliminating re-keying errors.


Producers now upload the risk details directly into the submission so there is no need to re-key information when in the office.

Access & Security

Allows you to decide how much access you want your team members to have.

Workflow Efficiency

Stay on top of your tasks

Suspenses (to-do’s) can be viewed, created, modified or completed from the app. Activities, including attachments, can also be viewed and created. No need to handwrite that reminder or download images back at the office to attach to the file.

The Keal Mobile app is free to download and can be accessed if you have SIG and COM licenses, and also have a Keal Mobile license

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