SIG redefines the Broker Management System experience by zeroing in on the features and functions that you use every day, and simplifying them. SIG capitalizes on the tools that Brokers need by making them faster, more intuitive and more powerful.


With customer information centralized, file management improved, and functions of increased accounting, days of work are saved.


With an audit trail secure for all customer records, you get a better level of security, the integrity of records and evidence of all activities.


With simplified processes facilitating submissions, endorsements and renewals, your brokerage office benefits additional income and reduced expenses.


Looking for your own customization and brand?

SIG is the broker management system for you! Flexibility and customization of the program with SQL tools for individually added functionality and specific client requests is always possible with Keal. Lots of options are standard for customizing coverages and documents to your specific brokerage needs.

See why SIG is the leading Broker Management System for Insurance Brokers.

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