Keal / Vertafore an added value for the Canadian Brokers

Keal / Vertafore an added value for the Canadian Brokers


Six months have already passed since the transaction that brought Keal into the Vertafore family. Lots of water has passed under the bridge since April.

It all started with the confirmation that the actual management team was staying in place. A demonstration that Vertafore wanted to keep Keal, , as a true Canadian entity. Previous owners, Pat and Renee Durepos, are on board. Pat remains as the Leader, re-energized by the new challenge and the fact that he can now focus his energy on working on what he likes best; the Broker community and trying to read what is coming, the future trends – the disruptions – and finding solutions. Pat will write a blog on that topic in the next few weeks. Renee, strong of her 10 years with Keal is on as Senior Vice-President, making sure the house is always in good order and, exceeding our clients’ expectations. All the other leaders, Hollie Fitzgerald (director Client Experience), Bill Redford (Director Development), John Brezina (IT Managers), Sam Desjardins (Controller),  Sylvia Murphy (HR Director) and myself Laurent Nadeau (VP Sales & Marketing, aka the ‘newbie’) are all on board and just like Renee and Pat, re-energized by the new Keal.

The fact that the entire management team stayed and is still present is a testament to what was built over the years. This leadership team and the entire Keal team have formed a great company and have built great solutions for Canadian Brokers. The team is now equipped with more and better tools to continue to innovate and serve the Canadian Brokers.

You have continued to speak with the same people you used to speak with and a few new names have been added to the list; I am one of the lucky people that have joined the company in the last 6 months.

So what is so new, if it is the same people? The energy and enthusiasm Vertafore has brought to the Keal Team. To celebrate Keal’s arrival Vertafore held a Canada event south of the border; it was a great occasion for many of our co-workers in the US to wear their favorite Canadian hockey team sweater; lots of Carey Price supporters!

But the most important, we have started to form one, one company with a common goal; Innovate and improved service for the broker community. Bill Redford and many of his team member spent a full week in Bothel, WA. Meeting with his counterparts from Vertafore discussing best practices and determining what Innovations could be brought to Canadian Brokers quickly. Since then Bill and his team have been working diligently to deliver what is now known as the three pillars; a CRM tool – Sales Track, a Client Portal and a revolutionary WorkSmart to maximize workflow efficiency in the office. Stay tuned – Bill will be posting a blog on these three pillars over the next few weeks.

In addition to product development, Vertafore share many of their best practices in marketing, which lead to the launch of our new Website. This is a great example of collaboration; Renee and I felt that our website required a major face lift to reflect our new identity and desire to bring the latest technology to our clients and prospects. Being cost and resources conscious, we did not want to disturb the rest of Keal who are working so hard at serving our customers and developing the three pillars and other new initiatives, so we discussed the challenge with Larry Hagerty; Senior VP with Vertafore, the leader of Sircon, one of Vertafore companies and our liaison with Vertafore’s leadership team. Larry immediately offered his marketing team to help us build this new site. It is under the leadership of Chris Gillespie and the good hands and talent of Neal Hamilton and Kevin Horgan that our Website took shape and became what it is today and will keep evolving over time.

Renee, myself and the entire team want to express our gratitude and say thank you, thank you, thank you to Chris, Neal and Kevin for doing such a great job, in a short period of time; they are the demonstration of what Keal and Vertafore now is; one.

One company 100% focused on developing innovative solutions for the Insurance world of today and tomorrow.

Laurent Nadeau

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing