Five Advantages of the Cloud

Five Advantages of the Cloud

Would you believe us if we told you that a squirrel could be a reason you are held back from doing your job at work? How you ask? How could such a cute and little creature disrupt an entire operation? Well, it’s happened and it’s more likely than you think.

It was a typical day of business for one of our insurance clients. Everyone was busy tending to their role, when suddenly, there was a power outage. A squirrel managed to make its way into the electrical box which resulted in their entire street being short of power. We are sharing this specific incident because while a power shortage would typically leave you unproductive and feeling a little helpless, our client was not inconvenienced in the slightest. We’ll delve into more details shortly but let’s first explore a cloud hosting service, the Keal Cloud, as it’s integral to the story.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting allows for a network of remote servers to be hosted on the internet. Rather than relying on your computer at the office or a local server, consider cloud hosting as a new way to store, manage and process your data.

The Keal Cloud is a web-based service that supplies any application on any device, as long as you’re connected to the internet. It’s a simple, effective and reliable solution and its purpose is to preserve your quality of service, no matter what situation is thrown at you.

Keal Cloud to the Rescue                                           

Like we said, our customer wasn’t disrupted in the least by that particular event, all thanks to the Keal Cloud. While their neighbouring business were waiting the power outage out, our client managed to resume normal activity. Because they work on laptops and had their router backed up, they had the advantage of continuing to serve their customers, as their BMS and email all function in the Cloud.

Some Brokers Choose a Different Route

Let’s paint a picture of some brokers’ current situation. Brokerages that choose not to be hosted by a cloud would have to hire someone exclusively to maintain their server, or brokers would have to do it themselves. In turn, this takes up time, escalates worries and leaves them with numerous thoughts running through their mind: are my licences up to date, do I have enough storage space, is it time for an update? This ends up diverting focus from customers and allocating efforts to something that can easily be done for you.

Five Reasons to Jump on the Cloud Bandwagon

Here are some benefits you will receive from the Keal Cloud:

  1. No need to be tech-savvy: The Keal Cloud is user-friendly. It is customized to your brokerage, available on any device and all the updates are done for you.
  2. Work is always backed up: The Cloud backs up your data without you having to give it a second thought. Fault tolerant systems; backup power systems; redundant connections to high-speed Internet connections — SIG, Word, Excel and more. You’ll never have to worry about losing valuable information.
  3. Experience Quality Service: the motive behind the network technology experts managing the Keal Cloud is simple: Delivering quality to Canadian Brokers.
  4. Security: The Keal Cloud is tier 3 certified, the best commercial tier available and you can ensure that your data remains within Canada.
  5. Save money: you will not require any in-house server storage and you never have to pay for disaster recovery. You can also avoid hiring an expensive third party technician.

It’s safe to say the pros certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to considering Cloud Hosting for your company. Sacrificing on customer service, quality and time is never something you want to experience when running a business, and the Keal Cloud is one resource that alleviates your worries in that regard. There is no reason to never have complete access to communicate with and serve your customers. Let’s put it this way, even if you’re an insurance broker on a boat, the Keal Cloud guarantees to upkeep your work flow (providing there’s internet access on this boat).


John Brezina
IT Manager