Is Your Company Millennial Friendly?

Is Your Company Millennial Friendly?

Much has been written lately about millennials in the workplace. As millennials become the most prominent generation around the world and in the workplace, they bring a unique skillset that employers would be wise to pay attention to. Technologically proficient, millennials have grown up with all forms of media, and therefore skilled at successfully connecting with others, such as your customers, who are using tech-powered marketing.

Millennials are a generation often skilled in decision-making and time-management.  Confident and believing in their leadership abilities, they take great pride in their work.

At Keal we recently welcomed a millennial onto our team. Hence, in true technological manner, Jeremy has prepared this short infographic giving you insight into his first week with us.

Look for a way to show the millennials in your company how much their work matters every single day. They’ll work hard and produce great work if they feel your business goals resonate with them and they are recognized for their efforts. 

Get the attention of millennial job prospects by using social networks such as LinkedIn to reach out to them. Recruiting this generation of talent can invigorate your business. As a side benefit they may also improve the work of your current older team members. 

Most of all, millennials want to love the work they do, and love who they do it with. Now there’s a truth that we can all relate to, millennial or not!


Sylvia Murphy

HR Director