Broker Operational Consulting

Expert Access

Get concise, targeted, actionable advice and insights from a subject matter expert to pin-point your immediate business challenges and identify the shortest path to results on your technology investment. Whether you are looking to optimize product usage or reporting, fine-tune a specific technology process, or implement a new business practice, investing in Keal’s Consulting is a quick-start way to overcome hurdles and realize benefits from your Keal solutions.

  • Consultative Training—Get help on a wide range of topics including product usage, reporting, business practices, and more.
  • Directional Advice—Speak directly with one of our subject matter experts to find the right approach toward a specific business opportunity or technical hurdle.

Consider the possibilities this analysis would have on your bottom line.

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Boost your Efficiencies, Drive Greater Profitability

Keal Consulting Services offers scalable, results-oriented consulting packages designed to help you work smarter, overcome challenges, and realize new possibilities for your business. With decades of experience designing and deploying solutions for top Brokers, our experienced Consultants leverage deep industry knowledge and best practices to help companies like yours accelerate technology ROI and grow their business fast.

Download our data sheet to consider the possibilities this analysis would have on your bottom line.

Consulting Data Sheet

Solution Overview

Keal’s operational experts identify gaps and opportunities for enhancement of your technology solutions. Leveraging prescriptive, industry-proven roadmaps, Keal’s Consultants help you operate more efficiently, synchronize workflows, and maximize business intelligence.

  • Customize—Keal consulting services are completely customized to suit your needs, from start to finish. A detailed report, with analysis of the current workflows and recommendations for improvements is prepared based on the findings.
  • Analyze—Keal consultants analyze one department or all, to uncover opportunities to streamline procedures resulting in workflow enhancements.
  • Integrate—Using its personalized report, the brokerage is coached through implementing the recommendations to gradually integrate changes to enhance workflows and productivity. Seamless integration with systems, procedures, and people is critical to work efficiently.
  • Manage—Effective brokerage management that maximizes profit has never been more critical. Take advantage of incorporating Best Practices that are tried and tested by brokers across Canada, but adapted to the reality of your business. Manage change to grow the business without growing expenses.

Results you can expect:

  • Operational enhancements—Synchronize workflows, reduce processing time, and eliminate redundancy leveraging proven industry methodologies.
  • More meaningful business intelligence—Get more results from your technology results with custom reports and data extractions that deliver tangible, actionable business intelligence.
  • Standardized business practices—Get your organization on the same page, using your technology solutions to deliver consistent quality and service to your customers.
“We are always looking for ways to reduce costs, especially the areas in which we have more control. We can become somewhat complacent in our job processes and routines and as such are required to occasionally stop and review what we do, why we do it, and how we can do it better. Keal’s Consulting Team, equipped with brokerage knowledge and understanding, did a comprehensive review of our job processes, explained the advantages of the features and functionalities built with, or in conjunction with SIG, and made brokerage-specific recommendations that were appropriate for us. This is an invaluable process that we highly endorse.”

Gord Santon, Controller,

McDougall Insurance Brokers

Consider the possibilities.