Tailored for your brokerage

Minimize Disruption, Maximize Results

We know you need as little disruption to your business as possible. Keal’s experienced professional services team takes brokerages of all sizes live every month. You work with a dedicated project manager using proven processes to ensure a successful transition. Training on core processes, as well as self-paced training, will give your staff the support needed to build skills and expertise to ensure a successful implementation. One size doesn’t fit all and we have an implementation process that fits you.

Stay on track and on budget

Following established methodology, our industry leading implementation team can integrate and coordinate services for you, ensuring a smooth transition to your new system while minimizing downtime.

From project management to education delivery, our team members use standardized processes to assure each project is consistently delivered. Having and following the methodology assures steps aren’t missed and maximizes the success of each implementation.

To keep your project on track, our Professional Services experts can provide any or all of the following essential services:

  • Project Management to keep you implementation on time and on budget
  • Consulting and implementation services to assure the system is set up and installed the way you need it.
  • Flexible Education sessions delivery to make sure you learn our solutions and get the most out of them, delivered through remote and on-site sessions.
  • Data integrations services to transfer your data and content to your new platform.

For more information on how we can build an implementations plan that responds to your specific needs, contact us