Data Integrations

Integrate the data and content you worked so hard to establish

Robust Processes

Keal has a robust set of utilities that make it possible to bring data from your current Broker Management System to your new Keal solution. Integrating your data provides a seamless transition to your new system, allows you to continue to service your clients and protects you from E&O exposure. Our dedicated team of Data Analysts will lead you through the entire process.

Same Data, Better Solution

Using internally developed conversion tools and utilities, our experienced Data Analysts guide you through the data mapping and import process. This process transforms your data, getting it ready for your new system and makes sure you get off to a great start.

  • Dedicated team of Data AnalystsWe assign data integrations team members that are with you for the entire process. This allows them to learn you and your business and provide you with the guidance you need to be successful.
  • Integration toolsWe build and maintain our own tools to integrate data. This allows us to have a deep understanding of how your data is stored in your current system and how to process it. It also allows us keep our tools up to date as our competitors change their management and content systems.
  • Data cleansingDuring our integration process you have the ability to clean up your data by getting rid of old producers or customers you no longer do business with (among other types of data). This is your chance to start fresh.
  • Data validationOur established process allows you to see your data before you go live to make sure it looks as you expected.
  • CustomizationsBecause we have data integration experts on staff that build and maintain our tools we also have the ability to customize the integration when you require it.

To find out about our integration processes and capabilities, please contact our Data Integrations Team.