Custom Solutions

Every brokerage has its own way of doing business. Keal supports your unique needs with custom development services to ensure you get the most from your broker management system. This includes working with you to define your unique requirements, and then designing, developing and testing the solution.

Staffed by Experts

Our Custom team is staffed by experts who know the keal products. This allows the team to elicit and understand your specific requirements and then design and build a solution that provides the functionality you need.

Typical custom solutions include:

  • Customized reporting—Production reports, financial reports, policy reports, customized payables reports and special aging reports.
  • Integration with thirdparty vendors—Document imaging vendors, banks, financial systems and bond processing systems.
  • Data imports, exports and integrations—Custom data import and export capabilities.
  • Custom forms—Save time with custom forms that range from simple type-on forms to integrated forms that pre-fill with customer and brokerage data.

For more details on how Keal can move your forward with your customized request, please contact us