Keal Technology’s Quality Assurance Team Second to None

TORONTO – April 29, 2015. Keal Technology, leaders in broker innovations, continues to have the right answers for the growing Canadian brokerage. Their focus on delivering an excellent client experience extends far beyond the client facing relationship. They believe it begins with delivering a solid product which responds to an evolving industry. The introduction of the Quality Assurance department in 2014 has proven that Keal is broker focused. Their mandate is to ensure the highest quality integrations and solutions are released, and to work parallel to the development team in bringing integrity to new innovation and functionalities that are building relationships with brokers and their consumers. Keal has brought in a team of experienced individuals with a background in the Canadian insurance industry and technology to further strengthen their position as leaders in complete broker solutions.

Bill Redford, Director of Development says, “Working with a team devoted to ensuring quality in our solutions is immeasurable in its return to our clients. We have very loyal Broker-Partners who support us and work with us to improve our releases. Our development team works extremely hard at responding to their growing and changing needs. The QA team will ensure that our developers get to see their successes by helping us produce top quality releases which yield fewer call backs and happier clients.”

The Quality Assurance Team is comprised of:

Corey Clark, Quality Assurance Manager, joined Keal Technology in February of 2014, bringing over 13 years in the Information Technology sector and over 10 years within the Insurance Industry. Prior to joining Keal, Corey started his career as a programmer before moving to Brovada Technologies where he played a key role in the company’s success as a startup company in the Insurance Industry. As Director of NexCenter Sales and Development, Corey was responsible for growing Brovada’s broker customer base from 0 to over 900 brokerage clients and managing the NexCenter development team. His development knowledge, leadership and client relations played a key factor in the success of Brovada’s flagship product NexCenter.

Corey’s focus in 2015 is to work with the Quality Assurance Team in implementing automation testing and procedures for SIG, which will have a significant impact on the quality of SIG releases to Keal’s client base.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Keal team.” Mr. Clark states, “I’ve worked in the insurance industry for over 10 years and have always seen the value that Keal has delivered to their brokers. Technology is always evolving and Keal has always been known for implementing the latest technology helping brokers become more efficient. I’m looking forward to contributing to the Keal team and one of our key objectives in our Quality Assurance department this year is implementing automated testing ensuring top quality products.”

Brian Coffin, Quality Assurance Coordinator, began his career as a Test Analyst and quickly expanded his role as Team Leader. Since then, he has played an integral role in setting up several Quality Assurance departments expanding over different industries, one of them being Insurance. He was the recipient of the “EPICFIT” award, which represents excellence at his role within Intelisys Aviation, his company prior to Keal. Brian’s focus in 2015 is to lead the implementation of a Quality Assurance department within Keal Technology, using his 14 years of experience to implement a Quality Team, Testing, Automation, and Product Quality.
Jacques Chiasson, Quality Assurance Tester, has been part of Keal Technology Quality Assurance Team since June 2014. He began his career with Keal in 1988 as a programmer, moving on to become an analyst, trainer, technical writer, and finally a translator. His experience in the insurance sector and in programming allowed for a smooth transition to the role of tester on the Quality Assurance team. Jacques’ dedication in increasing and assuring the best quality possible for Keal’s applications is one of the key reasons he has joined this new department. His focus in 2015 is the quality of the Keal”s solutions for their Broker-Partners Canada wide.

The addition of this new Quality Assurance process will allow Keal to remain agile and honor their commitment to ensure faster turnaround and more quality releases. Keal’s Broker-Partners can look forward to more solid releases from Keal, improving their overall Broker Solution Experience and thus the experience their consumers have with them. This process will be in place for the next release due in Q2 of 2015.
About Keal Technology
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