Once and done; direct connection to Insurance Companies.

Keal Connect

Once and done; direct connection to Insurance Companies

Keal Connect delivers Single Entry Multiple Company Interface (SEMCI) allowing real-time connectivity from SIG directly to an Insurer without any middleware or third-party software required by the Broker. Keal Connect sends CSIO XML data in real-time from the Broker Management System directly to the Insurer’s system, eliminating additional software requirements for the Broker.

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“ Keal Connect is reflective of the commitment to provide our Broker partners ‘ease-of-doing-business’ tools to help them successfully compete and grow their business. Each transaction begins and ends in SIG allowing the broker to work in the environment they are most comfortable with, that is easy to maintain, and ensures uninterrupted service for Brokers.”

Martin Delage, President and COO,



Benefits for brokers using Keal Connect:

  • No charge—All the benefits at no extra cost
  • Cost savings—No middleware to purchase and maintain.
  • Increased efficiencies—Reduced data entry with transactions starting and ending in SIG, eliminating the need for Brokers to interact with Insurer systems
Additional Highlights
  • Ease of Use—Single entry solution with less clicks and screens, allowing for enhanced data integrity.
  • Speed to Market—As changes happen in the Insurer’s system, Keal Connect evolves quickly to deliver the new functionalities

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