Innovative organizations need
innovative software.

Technology designed to excel in the wholesale marketplace

The fastest growing Managing General Agents, Managing General Underwriters, and Wholesalers utilize tailor-made technology for the excess and surplus lines industry. Taking hard-to-place risks to market requires automation between your insurer partners and the retail brokers that drive your business.

Keal solutions help modern MGAs evolve.

Why Keal MGA solutions? 

It’s a fact that if you utilize Brokers for distribution, they have a choice on where to place business. Research consistently points to Insurers being “easy to do business with” as the single most important criteria

Brokers value to make that decision. Leading Insurers must look holistically at all the ways Brokers interact with their business.

  • Service Your Sub-Brokers—quote, issue, and bind submission-based policies within minutes, not days.
  • Deliver Customized Workflows—Find the insight needed to streamline processes, identify bottlenecks and service your clients faster through such features as Lloyd’s Bordereaux reports and file surplus lines taxes with a click of a button.
  • Ease of Doing Business—Gain the general ledger and policy accounting tools to successfully manage your business.

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