Insurance company upload & download

In today’s competitive market, managing and sharing information efficiently and accurately is a key element to being successful. To facilitate this, SIG provides robust EDI capabilities using the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) standards. This electronic exchange of information is a necessary communication mechanism between the Broker and the insurance companies they do business with. The power of this integration provides an ideal “Single Entry Multiple Company Interface” (SEMCI) which is transparent and seamless.

Users enter the information they have collected from customers, upload it to the insurance companies and receive any modifications directly within SIG. The system also provides the option for automatic billing to further optimize the workflow.

In addition to the CSIO AL3 standard which is an agreed upon industry standard for upload and download of personal lines habitational and automobile policies, Keal has invested a great deal into the evolution of EDI through the implementation of the new CSIO XML standard.

The XML integration provides greater flexibility, easier implementation and use, and extends the possibilities beyond that of which the AL3 standard currently supports, such as:

• commercial lines policies
• improved ways of handling policy changes
• increased compliance mechanisms to ensure the standards are adhered to

When it comes to being efficient with the resources that independent insurance Brokers have the EDI integration provided within SIG is a must!