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Industry Leadership 

Keal’s leadership is built on strong partnership with strategic Insurance Companies and technology Partners. Together, we address and solve industry challenges, bringing Brokers and Companies closer.

Technology Expert Partnership

Insurance industry experts are re-inventing how they pursue new business, connect with Brokers, and optimize internal business processes. Keal’s Insurer solutions offer integrations to these industry-acclaimed technologies creating a partnership that is committed to innovation.

Keal partners with several influential industry organizations such as the Center for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO), Insurance Brokers Associations across Canada, Technology Partners and leading Insurance Companies.

In partnering with these organizations, Keal seeks to drive innovations to improve industry practices and processes; integrating those best practices in our solutions. Keal not only partners with these groups, but we also have active members in working groups and committees to be involved in standardizing and promoting technologies that change the industry.

These partnerships allow Keal to deliver legislative industry requirements on time, all the time.

Keal solutions help modern Insurers evolve.

Connecting to Brokers

It’s a fact that if you work with Brokers, they have a choice of partners. Research consistently points to “ease of doing business with” as the single most important criteria in choosing a partner. Keal brings it all together, uniting and integrating best-in-class software into a single, comprehensive solution for every step in the distribution chain.

Leading technology partners must look holistically at all the ways Brokers interact with their business.

  • Service Your Brokers—How easy do you make it for Brokers to interact with you? Do they have the tools they need allowing them to sell your products effectively?
  • Improve Business Processes—How quickly and effectively do you respond to inquiries from Brokers and Policyholders?
  • Drive Informed Decisions—Do you need better management visibility and process efficiency within your operations?

Keal Solutions for Insurance Brokers

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