Connect with Broker Customers.
On their Terms.

Never miss another opportunity to deliver superior customer service

Broker customers are busy. They want to connect with their Broker on their terms; when, where and how they want. Brokers need to be able to respond. With Keal Solutions, this is all possible.

Keal solutions help Brokers connect with their Customers.

Connecting Brokers to their Customers

  • Connect when it Counts—To stand out from the competition, Insurance Brokers must reach out at each stage of the customer buying journey, providing potential clients with helpful information that guides them to sale.
  • Gauge Broker Customers Loyalty—Keep a pulse on happy, loyal customers; they are more likely to recommend your business.
  • Offer 24/7 Self-Service Access—Enable your Customers to do business when, where and how it is convenient for them.
  • Track Online-Quoting Activity—Empower your Customers with online quoting and best of all, you get to track their activity allowing for meaningful follow-ups.

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