Financing made simple and reliable, allowing
Brokers to create a new revenue opportunity.


An application giving Brokers the opportunity to start or improve their own premium financing company. Brokers submitting business for financing and administrators managing contracts can do so with simplicity and integrity.

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See why PREMIUM is the leading Financing Management System for Brokers.

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We’re excited to offer the best Financing Management System to Canadian Brokers.

  •  Increase Revenue—Financing premiums can make your efforts over 85% more profitable. The user friendly, intuitive design of PREMIUM streamlines administrative tasks making the process even more lucrative.
  • Competitive Edge—Offer your customers a one-stop shop for their insurance needs enhancing their satisfaction levels with payment flexibility and increased response times using the Broker web interface.
  •  Superior Integrity—A sophisticated and comprehensive audit trail records all completed activities during the lifecycle of the contract. Powerful reporting functionality ensures delinquent accounts are identified quickly, and accounts are reconciled with accuracy.
Additional Highlights
  • Integrated with SIG
  • Works with the Keal Cloud or on a local server.
  • Bilingual – on time, all the time.
  • Best in-class Broker experience, delivered locally by our dedicated Canadian Support team.

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