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eSignature technology is changing the way business is done. Keal eSIGN is powered by SignatureMaster™ and allows your producers and CSRs to obtain secure electronic signatures from your customers on any document.

The eSignature process starts and ends in the management system. The process is secure, all steps are documented, and your completed forms are automatically saved in your management system.

See how you and your customers can benefit from quicker turnaround time for service. From processing sales to reduced time on following up for signatures on any number of documents, contact us and see how Keal eSIGN can work for you.

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Feature Benefits

  • Documents are sent for signature quickly, easily and securely.
  • Automatic reminders are sent to customers, so staff can stop chasing down signatures.
  • Once signed, the documents are automatically filed in SIG
  • No need to scan the signed documents or manually create an activity.

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