Sylvia Murphy

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Sylvia comes from a small town called Grand-Mère in Quebec where she lived until she moved to Montreal to start university studies.  In 1979, she undertook a bachelor’s degree in translation at the University of Montreal.  After obtaining her degree, Sylvia worked for 3 years as Translator for the Translation Bureau of the State Secretary.   She then decided to go back to school and started Law school at Laval University.  She completed her Bar in 1993 and worked for the Appeal Court in Quebec City for a few years, and then started doing legal translation for law offices throughout the province.

In 1997, she accepts a translator position with Teleglobe Canada, which is sold shortly after to CGI.  At CGI she is offered the position of Human Resources Coordinator while pursuing translation tasks.  This new position allows her to combine both her translation and law experience and knowledge.

In 2000, Keal Technology acquires the insurance brokerage division of CGI and Sylvia becomes HR Director, position that she has been holding for the past 16 years.

Sylvia is the mother of 3 and enjoys reading, travelling and jogging.