Renee Durepos

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Renee Durepos grew up in an insurance family where claims were served for dessert! Growing in an entrepreneurial family where her parents built from scratch what is now one of New Brunswick’s largest insurance brokerages, it is no surprise that at the early age of fifteen, Renee established her own private swimming business.

After having worked in the family’s insurance brokerage for several summers and graduating from Mount Allison University with a First Class Honors with Distinction Commerce Degree, Renee decided to part ways with the insurance industry and joined a Tier 1 Canadian Food Company, Maple Leaf Foods.  For 7 years, she held diverse positions in the Finance, Production, Operations and Human Resources areas.  In 2006, while at Maple Leaf Foods, Renee was awarded the President Award, which is given annually to an individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership.

Positioned with general management experience, Renee decided to re-enter the insurance industry, this time on the Information Technology side.   In November 2006, Renee joined the Keal Team, partnering with Pat Durepos to help Keal become the Best Broker Management System in Canada.

Since 2006, Renee has touched upon every facet of the Keal business, gaining an understanding of the client needs and expectations, the software applications, and the financial/operational aspect of the business. Today she holds the position of Senior Vice President working with the different departments across the organization; ensuring processes are the most efficient so that the best Client Experience is delivered to clients.

When not working, Renee dedicates her time to her 2 daughters and spending time with family.  She also does volunteer work for her daughter’s French Catholic School.  Renee’s philosophy on life is to play hard by loving what you do and doing what you love.  This drives passion which always leads to success.