Hollie Fitzgerald

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Hollie comes from Saint John, New Brunswick. She was born into entrepreneurial family, where she grew up immersed in the Real Estate and Appraisal business. She spent her earlier years assisting her father by doing a lot of deliveries and open houses. She comes by her love of working with clients and devotion to her work honestly as these qualities were instilled in her early by her father. Her second love has always been the English language and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, with a major in English.

During her University career she also worked full time at Cox Electronics in the mobility division as sales representative and was promoted to manager of the Aliant Mobility dealership bringing it from 2nd lowest in sales to 2nd highest in sales in two years, by focusing on building strong customer relationships.

Her early education in French immersion opened the doors for her career with Keal. She moved to Grand Falls, and was the first official Keal employee hired in New Brunswick from the Grand Falls office as a Client Experience Representative working with our Quebec Brokers. She quickly immersed herself in understanding the insurance industry and taking CAIB 1 so that she could better relate to her clients’ needs. This opened the door for her to begin working with all Keal clients across Canada. One year later, she found herself in Montreal, working alongside the Keal team. She attributes her growth and success in the French language to the support of the French clients she has worked closely with over the years, and the support of the team around her.

In the 10 years she has been at Keal she has jumped into various client facing projects, such as the restructuring of Keal Support processes, the introduction of support incident automation, incident logging via Keal website. Her focus on bringing efficiencies to our brokers, though mainly behind the scenes, has opened doors to increased access to team members and increased response time to clients. Hollie’s involvement with the implementation of these processes, and the support routing VOIP phone structure helped reshape our interactions with our clients. She was presented with two Keal Excellence Award Laureates following these projects for exemplifying her commitment to excellence by incorporating Keal’s values in her actions for her clients.

Hollie’s eagerness to take on whatever is put on her plate and her efforts to continually focus on how to simplify her team’s job while increasing productivity saw her role grow into Support Coordinator in 2009. Hollie quickly moved to Support Manager in 2010, Director of Client Experience in 2012, and Vice President of Client Experience where she sits now. Hollie has also become part of our Communications Team, putting her English degree to use and is a strong supporter of the Oxford comma!

Hollie has built a strong management team around her, who continue to share her vision for excellence and are focused on innovating for their clients and their team every day. She knows the success of the Professional Services and Helpdesk Teams are because of the people who work with our clients every day and the Coordinators and Managers who support them.

Outside of her role at Keal she is focused on being Mommy to her daughter.  Reading stories and going on adventures takes up most of her spare time.