Stacey Miranda returns to Keal Technology

Pat Durepos, Leader of Keal Technology, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stacey Miranda as Manager, Marketing & Solution Strategy.

Keal Launches Enhanced Website

Updated site allows for custom-made, reliable, and functional solutions to meet the needs of Canadian Brokers

Vertafore Closes Keal Technology Acquisition

Vertafore, the leader in modern insurance technology, today announced the closing of the acquisition of Keal Technology

Vertafore Acquires Keal Technology

Vertafore Acquires Keal Technology Largest insurance software provider expands portfolio of companies into Canadian marketplace

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Direct Rating – The Smart Choice

TORONTO,ON and Virden, MB – Sept 23, 2015 – Keal Technology (Keal) and Custom Software Solutions Inc (CSSI), both leaders in broker innovation, are pleased to announce today a partnership to bring automobile, property and commercial rates to brokers faster, with greater accuracy and more economical using a combination of new and traditional rating services.

Brokers respond to consumer reality with Keal Mobile App

Brokers respond to consumer reality with Keal Mobile App

Keal connects brokers to their consumers

Keal connects brokers to their consumers

A.A. Munro makes transition to Keal’s Platform

A.A. Munro makes transition to Keal’s Platform

Keal Technology’s Quality Assurance Team Second to None

Keal Technology’s Quality Assurance Team responding to growing Broker needs

ingenie Canada Inc. Chooses Keal

ingenie Canada Inc. chooses Keal Technology as its Broker Management System Provider

Keal Technology Empowers Broker-Partners with New Client Experience Advisors

Keal Technology Empowers Broker-Partners with New Client Experience Advisors

Keal Technology and Xenex Enterprises to Deliver eSignature Solution

Keal Technology and Xenex partner to deliver SignatureMaster© eSignature solution.#brokerinnovations

Keal Announces 2014 Kealy Award Winners

Keal Technology Announces 2014 Kealy Award Winners

New Technology Spurs New Customer Demands

In this digital era, customer behaviours are constantly evolving. Studies show that on average 60 per cent of consumers now research online before buying. Are you meeting their expectations?

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Heart of the Brokerage

Beyond brokers themselves, good and accurate data is the lifeblood of brokerages today. Data is vital to meeting customer needs both today and in the future, meaning that when a broker management system conversion is needed, protecting and maintaining the integrity of that information is essential.
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Change: It Can Be a Good Thing Top 5 Tips for a Successful BMS Conversion
Conversion and implementation is a term that strikes fear in the hearts of many brokers considering a BMS change. It is a fact that migrating to a new system will cause a disruption to the workflows of a brokerage, but what disruption should be expected and more importantly, what disruption is acceptable in the pursuit of improvement? The movement of data from one broker management system to another is a huge undertaking. The task of up-rooting all of your client and policy data and placing it into a new database takes planning, co-ordination and expertise. But, how do you validate if your new software partner is up to the task?
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Making It Happen

An article featured in Canadian Underwriter discussing how the industry stakeholders are working together to achieve technology solutions in the spirit of (SEMCI), Single Entry Multiple Interface.
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Brokers should ask the right questions
An article featured in InsuranceWest magazine that highlights the quickly evolving technologies like (SEMCI) and eDoc, showing what opportunities and challenges these tools bring to a broker’s environment.
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Do More with Less
An article featured in Canadian Underwriter discussing how brokers can compete on a level playing field with direct writers by utilizing the right technology.
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Technology Communication
In this roundtable featured in the January 2012 issue of CiTB, technology experts talk about the need for greater industry automation and collaboration.
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BMS Breakdown
An editorial featured in Canadian insurance Top Broker magazine, three broker management systems vendors are compared and evaluated by their respective users
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AVIVA News Release
Broker Connectivity Announcement Aviva to broaden automation platform with iter8’s connectivity hub
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Stan Sauerwein Techwatch – Insurancewest – March 2011
A peek at how brokers will work in the future
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Putting the ‘Flow’ Back into Workflow – Canadian Underwriter – February 2011
The unique complexities of commercial insurance can make daily workflows incredibly challenging, highlighting the importance of broker management system (BMS) and insurance company integrations.
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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? – Canadian Underwriter – February 2011
A BMS touches all departments of the brokerage. Thus,if a change to another system is being contemplated, many questions should be considered.
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Top 4 Technology Trends for Brokers – Canadian Insurance Top Broker – February 2011
Better company integration and paperless workflows are a couple of the tech trends that will help strengthen your business
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9 ways to use technology for succession – Canadian Insurance Top Broker – November/December 2010
Technology can be critical to driving the success of a brokerage, permitting growth and making the business more attractive to potential buyers
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Mediating the Message – Canadian Underwriter – October 2010
Consumers are increasingly communicating using methods not used by brokers and insurance companies.
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The BMS Gold Mine – Canadian Underwriter – September 2010
A lot of information required to maximize the efficiency of a brokerage is already located in the brokerage’s BMS — it’s just a matter of leveraging technology to employ it.
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Feedback from focus groups driving product development – Insurancewest – September 2010
Improving system integration so brokers can be more efficient and profitable, and thereby able to increase their margins, will continue to drive the planning strategy at Keal Technology in the coming year.
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Premium Financing Risks – Canadian Underwriter – April 2010
Premium financing is a way for a brokerage to grow its business. But it’s important to make sure the brokerage is protected against six potential risks.
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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – Canadian Underwriter – February 2010
Business tools and technology solutions are available to help brokers in their battle with directs.
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Do it once, do it right – and then move on – Insurancewest – September 2009
Keal makes it easy for brokers to sell, up-sell and manage, says president Pat Durepos.
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The ASP Attraction: White Paper – February 2009
How Outsourcing Can Simplify Technology and Boost Profitability for Insurance Brokers White Paper Prepared by: Keal Technology
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Outsourcing I.T. Headaches – Canadian Underwriter – February 2009
Brokers now have the option to outsource their IT infrastructure to third-party specialists called Application Service Providers (ASPs).
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The Power of Process -Canadian Underwriter – October 2008
Some brokerages could benefit simply by reviewing and defining their existing processes. Workflow analysis can help brokers recognize problem areas such as bottlenecks, backlog and overlapping roles.
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Integration partnerships offer efficiencies and more choices – Insurancewest – September 2008
Focusing on its objective to broaden integration, Keal Technology has taken major strategic steps to help brokers maximize the powerful technology offered by its broker management system (BMS), sigXP.
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Cross-Pollination of Financial Services – Canadian Underwriter – June 2008
Property and casualty insurers wishing to cross-sell life insurance and wealth management products should be considering new specialists, new office cultures and new technology
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Showing Brokers The Money – Canadian Underwriter April 2008
Discussions about broker technology have advanced to the point that they now include the roles of management and worker productivity — and not just technology — in increasing the profits of a brokerage
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Improving Commercial Workflows – Canadian Underwriter October 2007
Firms looking to cash in on a soft commercial lines market will need to consider seriously their technology solutions
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Whose Data Is It, Anyways? – Canadian Underwriter June 2007
Insurance brokers have a wealth of client information stored across their operations — in their own broker management systems,on their Web sites and within reports from third-party vendors. But can they use that data effortlessly, and productively?
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Microsoft – Customer Solution Case Study – Published May 2007
Insurance Firm Improves Customer Service and Saves Costs with New Web-based ASP Tool
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Insurance Canada Technology Award 2014

The winner in the Distributor category was Ives Insurance Brokers, for providing a customer self-service portal offering a number of real-time transactions processed by SIG and Quindell.

Insurance Canada Technology Award 2013

The winner in the Insurer category was Unica with Keal and iter8, for offering brokers the ability to perform real-time policy change from within their broker management system.

Insurance Canada Technology Award 2012

The winner in the Insurer category was Unica shared with Bowman& Gibson Insurance LTD, iter8 and Keal Technology.

CSIO Annual Achievement Award 2011

Keal was bestowed the prestigious award of being “The most innovative use of CSIO standards” for 2011 by CSIO.

Insurance Canada Technology Award 2011 – Best in Class: Technology Provider Broker Integration

The ICTA recognizes the benefits brokers realize by utilizing the integration between Keal’s Commercial Management System COM and Lombard Canada’s Commercial LINCQ®.

Insurance Canada Technology Award 2010 – Best in Class: Technology Provider Broker Solutions

The ICTA recognizes the benefits brokers realize by utilizing the integration between Keal’s Broker Management System, SIG and blueC 802’s call recording software, blueButler.